June 2015

Make National Limo Your Choice for the Calgary Stampede

With July just around the corner companies are getting ready to host their annual Stampede events. It might be the greatest show on Earth; however, it’s notoriously chaotic to arrange for a ride or a cab. Read the blog below to find out why. . .


May 2015

Take the Stress out of Business Travel

The song lyrics, “the waiting is the hardest part” especially rings true when you’re nervously waiting for a taxicab or a friend to take you to the airport. Keeping a lookout the window every two minutes and or pacing back and forth on the. . .



Luxury Sedan Services this Summer in Calgary

Business deals can be made in various places, such as your corporate boardroom or a Calgary restaurant or even on an Alberta golf course and now you can add luxury vehicle to the list. At National Limo we have an impeccable reputation for safe and. . .



The Difference between Luxury Sedan Service and Taxicabs

We are frequently asked what’s the difference between taking taxi and luxury sedan service. There are several differences; however, in today’s blog we are going to look at how a sedan service has a vehicle and professional driver that is. . .



Luxury Sedan Services for Alberta Events

 For the last 30 years, National Limo in Calgary has developed a gold standard in transportation for the corporate world. We understand the importance of major events like the upcoming Global Petroleum Show and recognize that there is no room for. . .


April 2015

Business Travel in Calgary

Delayed flights, long security lines, lost luggage, and work stress is all par for the course when it comes to the life of the business traveller. With all the hectic activity that surrounds this busy lifestyle, it’s easy to lose track of the. . .



Luxury Transportation for the Playoffs in Calgary

Everyone in Calgary is excited; the Flames are back in the Stanley Cup Playoffs! The success of the Flames extends to all the industries in Calgary, including yours. As the hockey season continues into the late spring, you have an opportunity to. . .


March 2015

Create an Impression with our Exclusive Calgary Sedan Service

In last week’s blog, we discussed the importance of creating a lasting impression for your board of directors when they come to Calgary for business meetings and entertainment. At National Limo Calgary Sedan Services, we excel in helping you build. . .



Know Your Options: One of Calgary’s Best Sedan Services

Who offers the best sedan service in Calgary? That depends on what you define as the “best,” but for the team at National Limo, we define the pinnacle of sedan service as a company that offers top-notch service, the best fleet in town, and. . .


January 2015

The Airport Odyssey: The Sedan Service for the Business Traveller

Overview: The voyage to and from the airport is an important component of the corporate traveller’s odyssey. No matter where you’re travelling to for business, every epic needs a great start. Read the blog below to find out why National Limo is. . .



Predicted Growth of the Sedan and Limousine Industry

Overview: With high corporate and consumer spending still predicted to continue despite lower oil prices, the sedan service industry remains in high demand. With innovations in communications, the primary change in the limousine and sedan service. . .



Why Choose Our Professional Sedan Services?

Overview: You may be wondering: “Why do I need a professional Sedan-Service in Calgary? ” Sure, you take a taxi to and from the airport, or back from nightclubs or restaurants, but the rest of the time, why not just take your car? In this blog. . .



Why Companies Like Uber Cannot Compete With Calgary Sedan-Services

Overview: Seemingly many people in Calgary want ride-sharing apps available and believe that taxi/sedan companies are contesting the business solely because they don’t want additional competition. The truth of the matter is, that competition is. . .



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