September 2015

Top Rated Executive Car Service in Calgary Alberta

Get where you need to go, when you need to get there, with Calgary's Choice for Executive Car Service at National Limo. National Limo has been serving the needs of executives in Calgary for the last 15 years. Our top quality sedan service. . .


August 2015

Airport Transportation Service

Why would you choose to go through the stress of dealing with the crowds of cars, the endless search for parking and the hassle of hauling your luggage from the far flung corners of the parking lot? Instead, you could be deposited smoothly and. . .


June 2015

Make National Limo Your Choice for the Calgary Stampede

With July just around the corner companies are getting ready to host their annual Stampede events. It might be the greatest show on Earth; however, it’s notoriously chaotic to arrange for a ride or a cab. Read the blog below to find out why. . .


May 2015

Luxury Sedan Services this Summer in Calgary

Business deals can be made in various places, such as your corporate boardroom or a Calgary restaurant or even on an Alberta golf course and now you can add luxury vehicle to the list. At National Limo we have an impeccable reputation for safe and. . .



The Difference between Luxury Sedan Service and Taxicabs

We are frequently asked what’s the difference between taking taxi and luxury sedan service. There are several differences; however, in today’s blog we are going to look at how a sedan service has a vehicle and professional driver that is. . .



Luxury Sedan Services for Alberta Events

 For the last 30 years, National Limo in Calgary has developed a gold standard in transportation for the corporate world. We understand the importance of major events like the upcoming Global Petroleum Show and recognize that there is no room for. . .


April 2015

One of Calgary’s Best Car Service Companies

At National Limo in Calgary, we excel at delivering world class transportation for your company’s board of directors and your important corporate clients. With a slower economy, every opportunity to create a successful impression is critical for. . .


March 2015

Create an Impression with our Exclusive Calgary Sedan Service

In last week’s blog, we discussed the importance of creating a lasting impression for your board of directors when they come to Calgary for business meetings and entertainment. At National Limo Calgary Sedan Services, we excel in helping you build. . .



Luxury Transportation in Calgary for Your Board of Directors

Creating a lasting impression for your board of directors on their trip to Calgary is critical to the success of your business negotiations and decision-making. National Limo’s luxury sedan service in Calgary is equipped with the city’s first. . .



Sedan Service for Corporate Travel in Calgary

Business leaders and executives expect the pinnacle in service to meet their busy, demanding schedule. Delays are unacceptable, and corporate travel options must be equipped with the right technology and amenities to cater to their transportation. . .



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