February 2016

The Western Business Outlook Conference

As the price of oil continues to plummet many companies are struggling. Calgary and Edmonton have both been negatively affected, contributing to an already slow recovery for the Alberta economy. This has many Albertans worrying about the future. How. . .



Big Data and IoT in Oil and Gas Conference in Calgary

The Energy Conference Network is hosting a conference entitled Big Data and IoT in Oil and Gas in Calgary on February 16 and 17 at the Hyatt REgency. At this important networking event industry leaders from Devon, Shell, Cenovus, Suncore, Encana and. . .



The CIOsynery Conference in Calgary

On February 5 IT professionals from across Alberta will be attending CIOsynergy’s convention in Calgary at the Hyatt Regency Calgary. This event focuses on the topic of advancement through innovation, and aims to empower IT leadership by offering. . .


January 2016

The Project Management Institute and National Limo

The Southern Alberta chapter of the Project Management Institute is holding a 2 day course next week in Calgary. This course, entitled Effective Planning and Execution of Projects (15 PDUs) is being hosted by the University of Calgary at its. . .



Trust Your Transportation to National Limo

Whether you are heading out of town on business or entertaining clients you need a transportation service that is as punctual and professional as you are. That is why National Limo offers professional, chauffeured, corporate car services geared. . .



Attending the Oil and Gas Summit?

As Canadian oil prices continue to plummet, Alberta’s oil and gas sector is facing a turning point. To help determine the appropriate course of action, top oil executives from across the globe are attending The Oil and Gas Summit: What’s Next? . . .



Building Client Relationships with National Limo

As we begin 2016, business men and women across Calgary are getting ready to take their companies to the next level. For many companies that means expanding their client base as well as deepening established business relationships. Let us help you. . .


December 2015

Book your New Year’s Ride with National Limo

As the New Year approaches, Calgarians start to eagerly plan their New Year’s celebrations. Whether you are heading out for dinner and drinks with friends or heading to a fancy New Year’s soiree make sure your party arrives on time, and gets. . .



Out for a Magical Evening?

As the year draws to a close Calgarians gather with friends and families to celebrate the holidays. Whether you are heading to a party with family or coworkers, or heading out for a magical night at the theatre, ballet, opera or symphony you want to. . .


November 2015

Watching the Grey Cup?

This Sunday football fans all across Canada will be getting together with friends and family to watch the Grey Cup. Whether you are looking for a safe ride home after the party or are one of the lucky few flying to Winnipeg to watch the action live. . .



Make National Limo Your Choice for the Women in Leadership and Business Conference

If you are a female professional you may be heading to Calgary for the 6th Annual Women in Leadership and Business Conference this weekend. National Limo can help get you and your colleagues to and from the conference safely and. . .



Book your Holiday Ride with National Limo

As the holiday’s near many businesses start forming committees to plan the annual holiday party. Catering has to be ordered, decorations have to be organized and a location has to be chosen. Though you definitely want to throw the perfect party,. . .



The Arrival of Uber and the Benefits of Choosing a Traditional Car for Hire Service

Things have been very exciting lately in Calgary’s transportation industry with the arrival of the controversial ride sharing service Uber. While some believe this new model of cars for hire is the way of the future many people still have their. . .


October 2015

From Chateau to Tea House

Nestled in the heart of the Rocky mountains, Lake Louise is the picture of beauty. Named after Queen Victoria’s fourth daughter, Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, Lake Louise is a truly breathtaking place. Nestled between majestic soaring peaks. . .



Visit the Mountains in Style

If you are looking to see Alberta’s rugged side look no further than the town of Canmore, located in the Kananaskis region of Alberta. This picturesque location is quieter than Banff, and is a popular spot for Calgarians. Whether you are. . .



The Beauty of the Mountains

Experience Alberta’s natural beauty like never before. Book a scenic tour of Banff National Park with National Limo. Impress your guests or clients in style as you visit the beautiful mountain town of Banff and it’s surrounding national park. . .



The Executive City Tour

Everyone knows that National Limo is the premier choice of Calgary Executives for Airport Transportation, but sedan services are for more than just getting to the airport or to a meeting. Show off Calgary to your out of town clients with an. . .


September 2015

Meeting in Style

National Limo has been established by Calgary's Downtown Business Community as the de facto executive chauffeur service offering airport transportation in our luxury sedans.  For over 15 years our clients have enjoyed our Calgary based car. . .



Top Rated Executive Car Service in Calgary Alberta

Get where you need to go, when you need to get there, with Calgary's Choice for Executive Car Service at National Limo. National Limo has been serving the needs of executives in Calgary for the last 15 years. Our top quality sedan service. . .



Visit the Mountains in Style with National Limo

You already knew that National Limo was Calgary’s best of choice for Executive Sedan Service. But National Limo does so much more than just pick you up from the airport or transport you to your meetings. Our diverse fleet provides transport for. . .



Chauffeured City Tours with National Limo

National Limo is corporate Calgary’s Executive sedan service of choice.   Our diverse fleet provides transport for all occasions, including trips to places like the Calgary Stampede, Canada Olympic Park, Concerts, Sporting Events and the. . .


August 2015

Airport Transportation Service

Why would you choose to go through the stress of dealing with the crowds of cars, the endless search for parking and the hassle of hauling your luggage from the far flung corners of the parking lot? Instead, you could be deposited smoothly and. . .



6 Reasons to Use Limousine Service in Calgary

A friend of mine flew to Calgary from the U. S. on business. He decided to rent a car to “simplify” his two-day trip. For $100/day, he had a car to drive himself to and from downtown for meetings. After a hectic morning of accidently driving down. . .



The Influence of People and Relationships

Mark Zuckerberg once said: “People influence people. Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message. A trusted referral is the Holy Grail of. . .


July 2015

Calgary Car Service: Driver Training

We’ve all stepped into a cab before, told the driver our destination and buckled ourselves in for relaxing ride. Just as you begin to get comfortable, your cab driver is cutting people off, running red lights and driving well above the speed. . .



Calgary Car Service: A Focus on Relationships

At National Limo in Calgary, we take our client relationships very seriously. Our clients aren’t just another “fare”, they’re someone that we hope and strive to see again and again.  In the spirit of relationships, I wanted to share a story. . .



Is Crowdsourcing Transportation "Uber" Safe?

There is a growing debate in Calgary regarding the entry of crowdsourced companies like Uber and Lyft entering the market to serve the population's transportation needs.  There is no easy answer as to which is better and if it should be. . .



Does Calgary Have On Demand Limo Service?

As the debate to allow ride-sharing apps like Uber to operate in Calgary continues, the city is looking into easing up on regulations for on-demand limo services. Whether or not the on-demand limo service is green-lighted before the start of the. . .


June 2015

Make National Limo Your Choice for the Calgary Stampede

With July just around the corner companies are getting ready to host their annual Stampede events. It might be the greatest show on Earth; however, it’s notoriously chaotic to arrange for a ride or a cab. Read the blog below to find out why. . .



Calgary Sedan Services, Comfortable, Reliable Travel

We’ve all nervously waited for an available cab in Calgary, whether it’s after work in bustling rush hour, getting to or from the airport or even an important meeting. Once you have successfully hailed one, you sit in traffic with your driver in. . .



Arrive In a Luxury Sedan to the Global Petroleum Show

It’s that time of year again and Calgary is hosting the annual Global Petroleum Show in Stampede Park June 9-11.   This conference will be comprised of many different oil and gas industry leaders, employers, exhibitors and sponsors.   It’s. . .


May 2015

Take the Stress out of Business Travel

The song lyrics, “the waiting is the hardest part” especially rings true when you’re nervously waiting for a taxicab or a friend to take you to the airport. Keeping a lookout the window every two minutes and or pacing back and forth on the. . .



Luxury Sedan Services this Summer in Calgary

Business deals can be made in various places, such as your corporate boardroom or a Calgary restaurant or even on an Alberta golf course and now you can add luxury vehicle to the list. At National Limo we have an impeccable reputation for safe and. . .



The Difference between Luxury Sedan Service and Taxicabs

We are frequently asked what’s the difference between taking taxi and luxury sedan service. There are several differences; however, in today’s blog we are going to look at how a sedan service has a vehicle and professional driver that is. . .



Luxury Sedan Services for Alberta Events

 For the last 30 years, National Limo in Calgary has developed a gold standard in transportation for the corporate world. We understand the importance of major events like the upcoming Global Petroleum Show and recognize that there is no room for. . .


April 2015

Business Travel in Calgary

Delayed flights, long security lines, lost luggage, and work stress is all par for the course when it comes to the life of the business traveller. With all the hectic activity that surrounds this busy lifestyle, it’s easy to lose track of the. . .



One of Calgary’s Best Car Service Companies

At National Limo in Calgary, we excel at delivering world class transportation for your company’s board of directors and your important corporate clients. With a slower economy, every opportunity to create a successful impression is critical for. . .



Luxury Transportation for the Playoffs in Calgary

Everyone in Calgary is excited; the Flames are back in the Stanley Cup Playoffs! The success of the Flames extends to all the industries in Calgary, including yours. As the hockey season continues into the late spring, you have an opportunity to. . .


March 2015

Create an Impression with our Exclusive Calgary Sedan Service

In last week’s blog, we discussed the importance of creating a lasting impression for your board of directors when they come to Calgary for business meetings and entertainment. At National Limo Calgary Sedan Services, we excel in helping you build. . .



Luxury Transportation in Calgary for Your Board of Directors

Creating a lasting impression for your board of directors on their trip to Calgary is critical to the success of your business negotiations and decision-making. National Limo’s luxury sedan service in Calgary is equipped with the city’s first. . .



Sedan Service for Corporate Travel in Calgary

Business leaders and executives expect the pinnacle in service to meet their busy, demanding schedule. Delays are unacceptable, and corporate travel options must be equipped with the right technology and amenities to cater to their transportation. . .



Know Your Options: One of Calgary’s Best Sedan Services

Who offers the best sedan service in Calgary? That depends on what you define as the “best,” but for the team at National Limo, we define the pinnacle of sedan service as a company that offers top-notch service, the best fleet in town, and. . .


February 2015

Calgary Airport Transfers: A Luxury Car Ride May Cost Less

Flying out of town for a week? Maybe you fly for corporate travel, or you’re heading overseas for a family vacation during the winter. If you haven’t tried a sedan or towncar service to get you to and from the airport, it may be worth. . .



Your Calgary Limousine Experience: What to Expect

Great limousine or towncar service extends far beyond the actual drive, whether you’re taking an airport transfer, travelling to downtown Calgary, or travelling for corporate reasons. Excellent service begins well before you ever step foot inside. . .


January 2015

The Airport Odyssey: The Sedan Service for the Business Traveller

Overview: The voyage to and from the airport is an important component of the corporate traveller’s odyssey. No matter where you’re travelling to for business, every epic needs a great start. Read the blog below to find out why National Limo is. . .



Predicted Growth of the Sedan and Limousine Industry

Overview: With high corporate and consumer spending still predicted to continue despite lower oil prices, the sedan service industry remains in high demand. With innovations in communications, the primary change in the limousine and sedan service. . .



Why Choose Our Professional Sedan Services?

Overview: You may be wondering: “Why do I need a professional Sedan-Service in Calgary? ” Sure, you take a taxi to and from the airport, or back from nightclubs or restaurants, but the rest of the time, why not just take your car? In this blog. . .



Why Companies Like Uber Cannot Compete With Calgary Sedan-Services

Overview: Seemingly many people in Calgary want ride-sharing apps available and believe that taxi/sedan companies are contesting the business solely because they don’t want additional competition. The truth of the matter is, that competition is. . .


December 2014

Welcome to National Limo!

Welcome to our new site! For 15 years we are proud to be one of Calgary’s Best in Limousine, Sedan and Airport transportation services. Take a look through our site at the different services that we offer. - Sedan Service - Corporate. . .



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