Why Companies Like Uber Cannot Compete With Calgary Sedan-Services

  • by Sam
  • January 14, 2015

Overview: Seemingly many people in Calgary want ride-sharing apps available and believe that taxi/sedan companies are contesting the business solely because they don’t want additional competition. The truth of the matter is, that competition is welcome in the industry as long as they all compete on a level playing field. There is currently a debate about ride-sharing apps like Uber being allowed to operate in Calgary. Multiple issues are at play like apprehension from taxi companies, insurance liabilities and safety. Read the following blog to get updated on this industry in Calgary.

The Driver

Calgary’s Livery Transport Services main concern with ride-sharing apps is passenger safety. The Livery Transport Services have strict regulations for every driver that wants to obtain a proper license to operate a car-service vehicle. Drivers at National Limo have to pass a variety of tests put in place by the Alberta Ministry of Transportation (obtained at registries). Then they have to meet all the requirements of the Livery Transportation Services to get a limousine license. National Limo then implements their own high standards for employment, where drivers will undergo background checks, tests on city knowledge and extensive training. Companies like National Limo ensure that the driver of the Sedan-Service operates safely and professionally. Ride-sharing apps are far behind when it comes to this extensive process and if they begin to operate in Calgary their drivers need to be regulated and have some kind of monitoring.

The Vehicle

When an executive is picked up in a vehicle and taken to their destination, they can be confident knowing that National Limo will be transport them in a safe and clean town car. Just like the driver needs to meet specific requirements, the vehicle involved needs to meet a certain level of standard as well. Companies like National Limo have regular routine maintenance on their entire fleet and drivers have to adhere to checklists and policies before even starting the vehicle. The emphasis that National Limo places on there limousine and sedan fleet, ensures that you are picked up in a safe running vehicle. Although some ride-sharing vehicles are probably very nice, as a professional, it might seem odd arriving at a business lunch in an inappropriate car.


A client will never have a limousine driver show up at their place of business with a vehicle that is under-insured. As the mayor stated, aspiring ride-sharing apps need to play by the city rules. The Insurance Bureau of Canada has made it very clear that any ride-sharing driver’s personal car insurance does not cover them or their passengers in a case of injury or accident; they need to have commercial insurance coverage. Commercial insurance coverage can be three-four times greater than private car insurance. Last year Uber, through another company conducted a trial of their service. A report revealed that although the demand was high, there were unlicensed drivers and unlicensed vehicles that were used in transportation, which essentially put passengers in a dangerous situation.

Bottom Line: The debate for ride-sharing apps is not about excluding them from operating in Calgary, at the very least it’s about them adhering to the minimum standard set by the city for the industry. Companies like National Limo have exceeded those standards and for that reason continuously retained over 95% of their clientele. National Limo’s clients can be sure to have a professional driver pick them up in a safe running fully insured sedan and not a driver in a Metallica t-shirt with an under-insured vehicle.

If you need a Sedan Service in and around Calgary, contact National Limousine today at 403-512-8751 or toll free at 1-866-512-8751.

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