The Difference between Luxury Sedan Service and Taxicabs

We are frequently asked what’s the difference between taking taxi and luxury sedan service. There are several differences; however, in today’s blog we are going to look at how a sedan service has a vehicle and professional driver that is dedicated to you, versus taxicabs, which are dependent on several trips.

One of the primary differences between hailing a taxi and being chauffeured by a sedan service is the how they operate logistically. With a sedan service, a luxury vehicle that leaves National Limo’s garage is there only to serve you. Before a chauffeur turns the ignition, the car is checked and primed for your luxury transport. Other passengers cannot hail a sedan service or limousine; an itinerary is solely dedicated to your booking. We can also accommodate transportation needs with little notice, as we have vehicles on-call that will leave our headquarters and pick you up from your place of business, residence or the Calgary International Airport. The name of the game is professionalism in transportation; we have a standard for how clean our vehicles are, the dress code of our drivers, traffic knowledge and safety. 

Taxicabs in Alberta operate as a large fleet dependent on a driver’s availability and their own independent schedule. The number of trips they transport daily is entirely up to them, furthermore, in Calgary many taxi companies dispatch their cabs based on cars in a zone. For example, if you reside in a suburban area and you call for a taxi, the time you get picked up is dependent on when a cab books into your area/zone. Taxicab drivers make their living on the amount of trips they can pick up, which means, the more passengers in a given shift, the higher their daily earning. You’ll often see a cab drop a passenger off downtown and within moments another passenger hops in. This high level of activity makes it nearly impossible to keep a vehicle impeccably clean.

If you require first class services for events or for corporate airport transfer, contact National Limo in Calgary today at 403.512.8751.

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